Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vitamin C & Flawless Skin.....

Take your vitamins topically with Boscia's Antioxidant Recovery Treatment C!!! It's a powerful serum that activates upon application to combat any sun exposure that may be harmful to your elegant skin.....You discover something new everyday---Don't just rely on a daily dose of orange juice, add this wonderful treatment to your regimen for an enhanced boost!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Simplistic Sparkle!

So, once again, Kate Somerville has the product that's a must have for the ladies of beauty. Cleanse your skin with simplicity, subtely and grace with Kate Somerville's Gentle Daily Wash! It's definitley a great approach to cleansing your skin that has a dual affect--calming and deep cleansing at the same time....Who could ask for more? Expand your daily facial cleansing palate and try this one on for size-- I think you'll love it!

Monday, November 3, 2008

xoxoxo.....Vitamin Infused Kisses!

After searching high and low to find the perfect new addition to my makeup bag: lipgloss, that has nice color, is moisturizing, and has beneficial properties at the same time, I finally found what I was looking for....I discovered a decadent little tube of liptint by Borba, called "Divine", which has a slight mulberry shading, and the best part of all, it contains vitamins and minerals that are great for you inside and out! So don't worry about the accidental lip lick, now---with this lip gloss you'll help your body gain its daily dose of vitamins and minerals, while maintaining amazing color!